Sevens look to be lucky for UFC Vegas 77, headlined by future hall-of-famer Holly Holm and Mayra Bueno Silva.

Right before that, we’ll (hopefully) see Jack Della Maddalena fight after a slew of unlucky fight cancellations from his opponents. There are some fiery striker matchups on this card including surging young prospects Terrance McKinney and Nazim Sadykhov, as well as a couple of veterans in Albert Duraev and Jun Yong Park.

We’ll also see some of newer additions to the UFC like Melquizael Costa, Viktoriya Dudakova and Ailin Perez. Finally, there’s also a rare female featherweight fight with the best 145er around, Norma Dumont, and the newcomer, Chelsea Chandler. BLÜ provides his best bets for all of these matchups (plus more) below along with the Bet99 Sportsbook Odds.

To follow BLÜ’s Best Betting System, simply put 1.00 Units on each of the bets below unless otherwise specified. When these bets are combined with the Sniper Pick and the parlays below, profits can be maximized and losses can be minimized. Nothing is ever a guarantee, but BLÜ’s goal is to bring consistent profit to the viewers over the long term and constantly refine his system.

Due to the unpredictable nature of betting sites like Bet99 and the sport of MMA, odds will likely change throughout the week and may be unavailable for some of these bets at the time this article is posted. This also means that BLÜ may opt to swap a couple of these bets out on Friday night for others in order to maximize profit. The results of BLÜ’s Best Bets will be covered on ‘BLÜ’s Best Bets’, live on BLÜ’s Twitter (BLBEARD2), the Area 51 Sports Network Twitter (Area51SportsNet) and on YouTube (BLU-FC) next Wednesday at 4:00 PM (PST).

BLU’s Prelim Picks (Prelims begin at 4:00 PM PST)

Ashlee Evans-Smith vs. Ailin Perez

BET99 Odds

Evans-Smith:  +180    Perez:  -225

Over 2.5:  -193    Under 2.5:   +150

Being that Evans-Smith is nearing 36 and has an 0-2 record since 2018, Perez is the automatic pick. To lower those odds, we’ll take her to win by decision. Then, since most of Perez’s fights, win or lose, have ended in a finish, we’ll balance this out with the Under 2.5.

BLÜ’s Best Bets

Ailin Perez by Decision (Odds unavailable at time of post)

Under 2.5 Rounds at +150

Carl Deaton III vs. Alex Munoz

BET99 Odds

Deaton III:  +150    Munoz:  -184

Over 2.5:  -225    Under 2.5:   +175

Neither man has found success in the UFC so far with Deaton getting finished in his only fight and Munoz coming up short in a couple decisions. Normally that would lead me to pick the underdog, but not in this case. Munoz lost to a tough contender in Haqparast, then lost a tight split against Luis Pena while Deaton looked less than impressive in his only fight. Since Deaton was also finished in that only fight, might as well take a chance on the Under 2.5.

BLÜ’s Best Bets

Alex Munoz at -184

Under 2.5 Rounds at +175

Tyson Nam vs. Azat Maksum

BET99 Odds

Nam:  +320    Maksum:  -434

Over 2.5:  +114    Under 2.5:   -148

Statistically, the odds are probably right when Nam is almost 40, has a few losses and Maksum is undefeated. That said, this could be one of those cases where an undefeated regional guy takes on a true UFC veteran with real power, durability and skill. At this kind of price, you have to take a chance on the veteran. Also, it’s important to note that Nam has never been forced into a submission and Maksum doesn’t seem to have enough power grab a KO over him. That tells me the Over 2.5 has a chance to cash in.

BLÜ’s Best Bets

Tyson Nam (The Underdog) at +320

Over 2.5 Rounds at +114

Genaro Valdéz vs. Evan Elder

BET99 Odds

Valdéz:  +240    Elder:  -313

Over 1.5:  -150    Under 1.5:  +120

Like a couple other matchups on this card, this one looks close on paper. Both men have gone 0-2 so far in the UFC. The reason this betting line has become so wide is because Elder has had the tougher matchups and put up the better fights. I have to agree that Elder is likely to win, so we’ll lower the odds by taking him to win with a KO. I agree with Over/Under implying that there could be an earlier finish, but both of these guys are pretty tough. With that in mind, I’ll take the Over 1.5 at -150.

BLÜ’s Best Bets

Evan Elder by KO (Odds unavailable at time of post)

Over 1.5 Rounds at -150

Austin Lingo vs. Melquizael Costa

BET99 Odds

Lingo:  +183    Costa:  -234

Over 2.5:  -123    Under 2.5:   -105

Costa made his debut against a UFC veteran, Thiago Moises, in his debut at the heavier class of 155. He’s now fighting at 145 against someone who’s 2-2 and struggles against aggressive strikers. Costa, being an aggressive striker, should be able to walk through Lingo in his first “real” UFC fight.

BLÜ’s Best Bets

Melquizael Costa by Finish (Odds unavailable at time of post)

Under 2.5 Rounds at -105

Istela Nunes vs. Viktoriya Dudakova

BET99 Odds

Nunes:  +162    Dudakova:  -200

Over 2.5:  -123    Under 2.5:   -105

With her wealth of kickboxing experience, power and skill, I’ve been giving Istela Nunes the benefit of the doubt for a few fights now. She was close in each of those fights, but succumbed to grappling in each of those encounters. Sadly for her, this may be the strongest grappler she’s faced yet. Maybe Nunes will get the KO and cash in the Under 2.5, but it seems much more likely that Dudakova will use that grappling to grab the decision.

BLÜ’s Best Bets

Viktoriya Dudakova by Decision (Odds unavailable at time of post)

Under 2.5 Rounds at -105

Tucker Lutz vs. Melsik Baghdasaryan

BET99 Odds

Lutz:  +128    Baghdasaryan:  -158

Over 2.5:  +    Under 2.5:   +110

It seems a bit surprising that Melsik’s line hasn’t swelled over the week. Lutz hasn’t really shown us anything amazing yet while Melsik has looked pretty impressive in his outings. Also, it should be pointed out that he was close to winning his last fight when Culibao stole the win with an incredible submission. With Melsik probably coming in extra motivated and extra agressive, why not also take a chance on the Under 2.5?

BLÜ’s Best Bets

Melsik Baghdasaryan at -158

Under 2.5 Rounds at +110

Main Card (7:00 PM PST)

Terrance McKinney vs. Nazim Sadykhov

BET99 Odds

McKinney:  +122    Sadykhov:  -150

Over 1.5:  +150    Under 1.5:   -193

Heading into this year, McKinney was one of those guys that everyone assumed was going to drop some bombs and get a wild KO. Suddenly he gets finished by a flying knee from Bonfim and he becomes an underdog. While Sadykhov has shown to be game for a brawl, his only UFC fight was against Elder and he did get hit and was also dropped at one point. If there’s anyone you can’t do that with… it’s McKinney. Sadykhov definitely has the skillset to win, but McKinney will always be worth the chance in this kind of matchup.

I know McKinney is known for his quick fights, but he’s been a bit more measured lately. Perhaps both men will be a bit more cautious than normal and we’ll get the Over 1.5.

BLÜ’s Best Bets

Terrance McKinney (The Underdog) at +122

Over 1.5 Rounds at +150

Norma Dumont vs. Chelsea Chandler

BET99 Odds

Dumont:  -143    Chandler:  +116

Over 2.5:  -250    Under 2.5:   +185

Interestingly, this was the most heated fight at the weigh-ins Friday with Dumont taunting the newcomer Chandler. Honestly, given Dumont’s experience and skill, I think this betting line is a bit disrespectful and that we’ll see an dominant win from her. She’s been turning away almost every contender that takes her on and ALL of them have had more hype and skill than Chandler.

Although another Over 2.5 for the ladies always seems likely, both women have been involved in some finishes. With the heat from the weigh-ins, the mismatch in experience and the potential mismatch in skill, I’ll take a stab at the Under 2.5.

BLÜ’s Best Bets

Norma Dumont at -143

Under 2.5 Rounds at +185

Albert Duraev vs. Jun Yong Park

BET99 Odds

Duraev:  +128    Park:  -158

Over 2.5:  -134    Under 2.5:   +105

This was another betting line I was surprised to see. Duraev has consistently been dangerous and durable, beating and competing with some tough rising prospects with a UFC record of 2-1. On the other side, Park has been had some decent wins too, but has definitely looked beatable in those fights, winning a couple fights by split or majority decision. From what I’ve seen, Duraev has the skill, durability and fight IQ to win this matchup convincingly. What seems very likely though, considering the durability and fight style of both men, is the Over 2.5 betting line cashing in.

BLÜ’s Best Bets

Albert Duraev (The Underdog) at +128

Over 2.5 Rounds at -134

Ottman Azaitar vs. Francisco Prado

BET99 Odds

Azaitar:  -109    Prado:  -113

Over 1.5:  +136    Under 1.5:   -175

With both men looking even on paper, picking the underdog makes the most sense. That aside, after having some injury issues over the last couple years, Azaitar never even had a chance in his return against Frevola, getting finished in less than a minute. That may push some people to pick Prado, but Ottman openly said he never even really got started in that fight. Based on what we saw from him before that performance, I’m willing to take a shot on the underdog. I also wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a hesitancy to engage in chaos, leading to the Over 1.5 cashing in.

BLÜ’s Best Bets

Ottman Azaitar (The Underdog) at -109

Over 1.5 Rounds at +136

Co-Main Event

Jack Della Maddalena vs. Bassil Hafez

BET99 Odds

JDM:  -567    Hafez:  +400

Over/Under unavailable at time of post

A few weeks ago JDM was meant to be fighting a true top 10 contender. Now he’s on his third opponent and we’ve devolved into a fight with someone making their debut. Hafez is 8-3 with some questionable results and some grappling matches. That tells me we’re looking at another pretty obvious, vintage 1st Round KO for JDM.

BLÜ’s Best Bets

Jack Della Maddalena by KO (Odds unavailable at time of post)

Jack Della Maddalena in Round 1 (Odds unavailable at time of post)

Main Event

Holly Holm vs. Mayra Bueno Silva

BET99 Odds

Holm:  -186    Bueno Silva:  +150

Over 4.5:  -209    Under 4.5:   +160

It’s an absolute shock that the odds for Holm haven’t crossed the -200 mark yet. Holm has been the consensus number 1 contender for years and Bueno Silva hasn’t beaten any top contenders yet. If you’re okay with slightly more risk, we’ll get more specific and take Holly Holm by decision. Then, just in case Silva does the unthinkable and finishes Holm, we’ll take the Under 4.5.

BLÜ’s Best Bets

Holly Holm by Decision at +105

Under 4.5 Rounds at +160

Parlay Opportunities

The Triple Play

Jack Della Maddalena + Holly Holm+ Melsik Baghdasaryan (1.00 Units at +196)

The Grand Slam

Jack Della Maddalena + Melsik Baghdasaryan + Norma Dumont + Melquizael Costa (0.50 Units at +367)

The Sniper Pick

Jack Della Maddalena at -567 for 6.00 Units