Day three of the 2022 FIFA World Cup is in the books and there is a lot to go over as we continue our daily coverage here at the Area 51 Sports Network. The stars were out to play and some of the lesser-known players shone brightly.

Let’s get into it

Saudi Arabia stuns the football world with 2-1 win over Argentina

Wow. I mean wow. We got our first upset of the World Cup. This is one of the biggest upsets in World Cup history.

We all know Argentina is one of the favourites to win the World Cup and has stars such as Angel Di Maria, Paulo Dybala, Lautaro Martinez and of course, Lionel Messi. Saudi Arabia had players who play in the Saudi League. So there is no chance these guys could beat one of the best national sides in the world, right? Well, if you bet money on Saudi Arabia, I hope you enjoy your winnings.

Messi got things going with an early penalty kick. It could have been more for Argentina as Messi and Martinez scored but they were offside. Saudi Arabia played the offside trap really well and they defended well. Their tackles were timed perfectly too.

Saudi Arabia score two goals in five minutes and the second one was a thing of beauty.

We also can’t forget the performance of Saudi goalkeeper Mohammed Alo-Wais. He made crucial saves including stopping Messi’s quick header. The World Cup is where someone can make a name for himself and Alo-Wais is doing just that.

Argentina was on an unbeaten run of 36 games before this game. That is 25 wins and 11 draws. But at the World Cup, anything is possible and Saudi Arabia ended the streak. That is what soccer and sports are all about, upsets like these. You can’t help but feel happy for Saudi Arabia and they have declared Wednesday a national holiday because of their massive victory.

This game had absolute scenes.

Denmark and Tunisia play to a 0-0 draw

This game wasn’t the most exciting but it wasn’t boring either.

It was a game that Denmark thinks they probably should’ve won as they had a lot of chances including a second half header by defender Andreas Christensen that went off the post. But Tunisia defended well and so did their goalkeeper Aymen Dahmen.

The Danish were in control for most of the game but goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel wasn’t too busy but he did make a phenomenal save off Issam Jebali. He looked like his dad Peter there.

There were goals by both teams that were called off due to offsides but there are no arguments there.

Mexico and Poland played to a 0-0 draw that was sloppy

Another 0-0 draw happened on Tuesday. This one was a bit more exciting and it was sloppy from both sides.

Both Mexico and Poland were turning the ball over, making rough tackles and it seemed like no one could control the ball properly. Mexico was by far the better team. They were really using the high press on Poland and closing down on their ball carriers. When they had the ball they moved it quickly. However, they were like Kevin from The Office carrying his pot of chili with their chances as they messed up the final pass or skied it over the bar.

Poland was defending fine but they couldn’t get anything going offensively. Robert Lewandowski was being pocketed by the Mexican defence and it looked like he was wearing a ghost costume even though Halloween is over.

He did show up when he had to take a penalty late in the first half but Mexican goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa made the save. Ochoa made it look so easy. It was like he got a vision from the future and dove the right way.

Oh yeah, Ochoa has been at every World Cup since 2006. He has also been making penalty saves pretty much every time he plays for Mexico on the world’s biggest stage. Not having Ochoa at the World Cup is like not having a Christmas Tree at Christmas time.

Olivier Giroud makes history as defending champs get off to a great start

Well, it wasn’t a great start for France.

Australia scored first on the rush which saw some pretty poor defending from France and unfortunately, Lucas Hernandez went off injured. Craig Goodwin sent the Socceroos into hysteria and it looked like the World Cup Winners curse would continue.

But France then showed us why they are the defending Champions. They showed off their creativity and moved the ball well. Maybe I was wrong about France’s midfield as Aurélien Tchouaméni and Adrien Rabiot did well in starting the attack. Rabiot had a goal and an assist in the game and has done well for France and Juventus over the last month.

Olivier Giroud is 36 but continues to age like fine wine. No Karim Benzema no problem. Before the game, Giroud must have thought of Eminem’s Without Me.

“Now this looks like a job for me.”

He just continues to be the perfect target man and age like fine wine.

Kylian Mbappe was due for a goal in the game and got the other French goal. After the Australian goal, France was putting Australia under siege and made them look like the Vancouver Canucks defence.

Player of the day

Lots to choose from but we’ll go with Saudi Arabian goalkeeper Mohammed Alo-Wais. He did a great job and made solid saves against Argentina

Stat of the day

Olivier Giroud has 51 goals for France and ties the legendary Thierry Henry for the French record. Giroud may not be fast but he is a special player.

Tweet/Meme of the day

Messi did well against Argentina but what makes this funny is that this guy actually looks like him. The guy above looks like he could have been one of Jesse Pinkman’s friends.

Fan of the day

I just hope they put that door back.

Next at the World Cup

Wednesday has Groups E and F in action. Morocco will be taking on Croatia, Germany will be facing Japan, Spain will be facing Costa Rica and of course, Canada will be facing Belgium.

Canada’s game will be at 11 a.m. Pacific Time.