The NHL All-Star has wrapped up following a very exciting and news filled weekend. The news was on the ice, off the ice, and on the stage. Where do we even begin. The NHL hit a home run with this years festivities as it seemed just as fun to watch as it was attend the event in Toronto. Whether it is the player draft, Michael Buble’s post draft interview, the always fun skills competition or the actually entertaining three games that were played. The stars were out off ice as well. With celebrities like Tate McRae, Will Arnett, and Justin Bieber to add to the memorable appearance of Michael Buble A little bit of everything this time around for the NHL.

NHL All-Star Players Draft

Let us start with what kicked off this weekend in the player draft. Leading off the draft was team Hughes with the first pick followed by Team Matthews, Team MacKinnon, and finally Team McDavid. Of course the NHL had to bring on some celebrity captains in Tate McRae, Michael Buble, Will Arnett, and Justin Bieber. Honestly though, they may have been the most entertaining part of the draft in general. Yes, it was a little cringey at times, but its the NHL what can you expect at this point. The teams where picked as follows:

Following the draft was possibly the most entertaining and funny media scrum interview since Ilya Bryzgalov. The duo of Michael Buble and Will Arnett made the media question what was going on, while trying to withhold laughter. The interview is down below if you feel like laughing:

NHL Skills Competition

The NHL Skills Competition was set up a little different this year as not all All-Stars would be competing. Not only did not all All-Stars compete, but they also were solo acts. Each player would be competing in a series of events of their choosing in order to get points. The top eight players would then move on to compete in a one-on-one challenge. Where again it would be trimmed to six players would vie to see who would win the skills competition. The players that competed are down below.

The results of the event went pretty much like you would expect with Connor McDavid eventually taking home the prize money. The always entertaining fastest skater came down to the wire between McDavid and Barzal. While Makar surprisingly came out on top of the hardest shot competition. The story of the Skills Competition definitely was that the players genuinely looked like they were caring about winning more than past years. Oh and also Kucherov possibly becoming the first NHL player ever to be booed during a skills competition. Overall, great event for the players and fans it seemed this year.

NHL All-Star Games

For the main event, all the players were back participating for the respective all-star teams. The games kicked off with a warm up that included Justin Bieber lacing them up and shooting around. The games kicked off with Team McDavid versus Team MacKinnon. The main criticism of the all star games lately has been the lack of trying, that did not seem the case this year. The players actually were putting more than 0% effort into the game. They looked like they wanted to win the game.

The first game between McDavid and MacKinnon’s teams was back and forward, as 3 on 3 is, all the way until the end as it needed a shootout. It ended up with Team McDavid winning 4-3 and moving on to the finals to meet the winner of Team Matthews and Team Hughes.

Not only did this game have more goals than the first with a final score of 6-5 but it also went to a shootout. Matthews would then lead his team into the finals to face McDavid and have a crazy final game. The scoring was many and often. All-Star games usually are high scoring as they are the best talent in the league and then you add the 3 on 3 aspect. The final score ended in 7-4 and the hometown team lead by All-Star MVP Auston Matthews would claim the All-Star game win.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this event was great. It was entertaining to watch, it was fun, it was flashy, and add the news that came out during, makes for a great hockey weekend. Of course you have to add that celebrities were entertaining and fun to listen to and watch on the bench. Then you add Tate McRae‘s performance and it was a solid weekend for the celebrities they brought on as well. When you look at the event as whole, I would say it was one of the most entertaining All-Star weekends lately. Next year there will be no All-Star game in 2025 due to the international hockey. This weekend left a good feeling around All-Star games and people should be wanting it back soon. For now, let us remember this week for what it was in my eyes. A success.

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