Every sports team needs a captain and the Vancouver Canucks don’t have one right now.

Since Bo Horvat was traded to the New York Islanders last January, the Canucks have not had a player wear the “C.” You could say they’ve been lost at “C” since Horvat’s departure.

All extremely bad jokes aside, (it sounded better in my head) the Canucks have a few options for their next captain. Elias Pettersson, Quinn Hughes and JT Miller come to mind.

Pettersson seems like the best choice. He is the team’s best player and the face of the franchise. Horvat said during the All-Star festivities last season that Pettersson would be his choice to succeed him. 

But Pettersson is signed for one more season and is in no rush to sign an extension. If things go well for the Canucks this season, Pettersson will sign. But if the Canucks crash and burn this season…well, you know what he might do if that happens.

But reports are saying Hughes is going to be the one to wear the C on his jersey. Elliotte Friedman spoke about it on Friday’s 32 Thoughts: The Podcast.

“I got to tell you, the money is on Quinn Hughes to be captain of the Vancouver Canucks,” said Friedman. “I think Hughes really cares. To me, your captain has to care, like really care, and I think that guy really cares.

Rick Dhaliwal of CHEK TV’s Donnie and Dhali: The Team said he has heard Hughes will be the next Canucks captain during a Friday morning hit on the Halford and Brough show on Sportsnet 650.

Hughes as captain is a good choice

It feels like Hughes being the next Canucks captain is the worst-kept secret in town right now.

Hughes was asked about the possibility of being named captain by Rob Williams of Daily Hive. (While he was making his own cold pressed juice for Glory Juice.)

“It’s an honour to play here, with the fans so passionate,” said Hughes to Williams. “If [being named captain] ever happened, it’d be an honour as well.”

Hughes is a quiet guy. However, that doesn’t mean he lacks the leadership qualities. After all, he spoke to the fans after their final home game last season. Hughes also isn’t afraid to speak his mind. He was very vocal about the way the Canucks mishandled Tanner Pearson’s hand injury and the importance of Pride Night. 

Canucks head coach Rick Tocchet was impressed by Hughes and noted that he has been speaking up and showing leadership qualities.

“Huggy has really made that [upward] trajectory to be a captain,” said Tocchet on the Missin Curfew Podcast via Daily Hive. ” He’s done some things that are uncomfortable. He’s said some things that are uncomfortable that you have to do to say to teammates, or to a coach, or to put your balls on the line. That’s what captains do. It’s not just about organizing a team party. It’s about putting your teammates first and also being able to go into a coach’s office and say, ‘Hey man, Tocc, you gotta back off in practice, I’ve got this. I guarantee the next game, we’ll be ready to play.’ I love that about him.”

When Hughes first came into the NHL, he was very quiet, shy and awkward. While he still has those traits today, you can sense he has become more vocal and less shy. After all, he is a very important player and easily the best Canucks defenceman and is already looking like the best defenceman they have ever had.

While he isn’t the loudest, remember the old saying: Actions speak louder than works. Some past Canucks captains weren’t loud including Henrik Sedin, Markus Naslund and Trevor Linden. However, they lead by example, on and off the ice.

If the reports of Hughes being named the next captain are true, then so be it.